Winter 2014

“…A petrified tree stands
alone and reaches like a hand
that offers… nothing.”

- From Azrael
by Taylor Supplee

The cursor throbs. A blank screen as white and challenging as the never-ending snow of the winter of 2014 stares back at me. Steam curls from the mug of hot coffee just to the right of the keyboard. The snores of a nine-year-old beagle mingle with those of a 17-year-old boy/man, my son’s friend, who is asleep on the couch behind me (again). I’m distracted by the falling snow; my mind trying to fathom the number of snowflakes that have fallen to create feet upon feet of snow.

I never know what to write here.

I chose the above quote because I like it. A lot. It is exactly how the deciduous trees look in winter in Michigan. It is a wonderful example of how great writing can change your perception of the everyday, and it is absolutely what we’re looking for here, at SRQ. As always, thank you to everyone who submitted their work. We understand how submitting a piece of writing makes you vulnerable. We appreciate it. Really.

As for SRQ, we’ve had some changes to our editorial staff. Please welcome C.J. Jessop and J.C. Chute to our group. Take a moment to read their bios under the staff link. Both women come to us from the writing critique site, Scribophile, the birthplace of Shadow Road Quarterly. Both are writers, editors, and avid readers. We’re lucky to have them.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to say goodbye to editor Katherine Lopez. We wish her well in her pursuit of all things writerly.

The snow has, for now, ceased to fall. The coffee has grown cold. The dog is crunching his kibble, and the boy/man still sleeps. Time to put this issue out into the world. We’re a tad late on this particular edition. Thank you for your patience. We think it is worth the wait. –C.P.M.


First and Last • by Anne Tedeton

The Gift • by George Wells


Azrael • by Taylor Supplee

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